Kramer, X.E. and L. Carballo Piñeiro, (eds.), Research Methods in Private International Law: A Handbook on Regulation, Research and Teaching, 2024

This incisive Research Handbook provides valuable insights into the various methodological approaches to Private International Law from regulatory and educational perspectives. It comprehensively unpacks central themes in the field including international jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement, and scrupulously analyses core debates whilst addressing legislative and policy issues.

The book is structured in three parts that correspond to three core debates, although they inevitably overlap: (I) the classification of private international law as private law and its interaction with international public law and regulation; (II) inter- and multidisciplinary approaches and research methods; and (III) how private international law helps to frame and address the critical debates of our time as well as the role of legal scholarship and education in shaping the future of private international law.