Muir, E., An Introduction to the EU Legal Order, 2023

Carefully structured and supported with a wealth of examples, Elise Muir provides a clear, concise introduction to the EU legal order. Drawing upon her years of teaching experience, Muir outlines the history of the EU, its key actors, modes of action and its daily relevance. Offering students and instructors an up-to-date textbook, Muir pays attention to the latest developments, including the impacts of Brexit and the Covid-19 crisis. Written for students from a range of disciplines and levels of study, this book explains how the EU legal order works. Muir illuminates the complex and technical areas of EU institutional law through explanatory illustrations, schemes, and textboxes. With this engaging and accessible resource, students will be well-equipped to understand the fundamentals and functioning of the EU legal order.


'The new textbook on EU law by Elise Muir combines many qualities. It is both concise and comprehensive. It is very clearly written, with the help of useful tables and graphs. It presents the core of the operational system of the European Union, describing how it developed, how the European institutions work, and how European legal rules are made and enforced. The book deserves to be widely read, especially by students and practitioners first approaching EU law.' Bruno De Witte, Professor of EU law, Maastricht University and European University Institute

'This is an excellent introduction to EU law. It manages to be both concise and critical offering a clear, intelligent and balanced analysis of the foundations of the Union legal order.' Takis Tridimas, Professor of European Law, King's College London