OJ Online Plus

OJ Online Plus is the single point of access to the enhanced EU law materials. This English all-in-one database, based on CELEX, the official database of the European Union, is one of the leading databases in the field of European Union law. Where CELEX only consists of documents as they are published in the Official Journal or in the Court Reports, OJ Online Plus also contains documents published by the issuing institutions even if they are not published in the official publications.

The database is daily updated and fully cross-referenced EU legal materials and contains documents from 1951 to present day: treaties and international agreements, Official Journal L & C records fully indexed, cross-referenced and updated daily, national measures implementing EU directives from all member states, case law, consolidated legislation, preparatory documents, Commission proposals, legislative resolutions, opinions, Council common positions, Commission decisions, EFTA documents, judgments, agreements from the EFTA institutions, press releases, public register documents, agendas, minutes and other publications from the principle EU bodies, EU Web directory. The French version is titled 'Droit UE Online'. Start your research here.