Paraskeva/Meleagrou, Cyprus at the European Court of Human Rights, 2022

The authors grapple with questions raised by the Court's reversal in its approach to the violations of the rights to home and property of Cypriot displaced persons resulting from the Turkish occupation of northern Cyprus. In the 4th interstate application of Cyprus v. Turkey, the Court found Turkey in violation of the rights to home and property of hundreds of thousands of Greek Cypriot internally displaced persons resulting from the invasion and occupation of northern Cyprus. Such findings were also firmly established in a handful of individual applications, most prominent amongst which is the landmark case Loizidou v. Turkey. However, a couple of decades following these judgments the findings of violations were jettisoned by the inadmissibility decision in Demopoulos and others v. Turkey.

Costas Paraskeva is an Assistant Professor of Public Law at the University of Cyprus with a PhD on ongoing reforms of the ECtHR. He has written several books on Cyprus Constitutional and Administrative Law and articles on human rights issues. He is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association.

Eleni Meleagrou is admitted as an Attorney at Law to the Maryland Bar, to the roll of solicitors, Law Society of England, and Wales, and to the Cyprus Bar Association. She specialises in human rights law in her practice and writing work.