Salih, C., International Aviation Law for Aerodrome Planning, 2021

The objective of this book is to provide ICAO, States, competent authorities and aerodrome operators with a comprehensive overview of legal challenges related to international aerodrome planning. Answers to derived legal questions as well as recommendations thereafter shall help to enhance regulatory systems and to establish a safer aerodrome environment worldwide. Compliant aerodrome planning has an immense impact on the safety of passengers, personnel, aircraft – and of course the airport. Achieving a high safety standard is crucial, as many incidents and accidents in aviation happen at or in the vicinity of airports. Currently, more than 40% of the ICAO Member States do not fully comply with international legal requirements for aerodrome planning. Representatives of ICAO and States, as well as aerodrome and authority personnel, will understand why compliance with the different legal facets of aerodrome planning is challenging and learn how shortcomings can be solved.​