Slagter, T.H., Fundamental Perspectives on International Law, Seventh Edition, 2023

How does international law impact the behavior of states? This book designed for students in multiple disciplines offers a comprehensive, accessible introduction to the 'law of nations,' detailing the evolution of state practice in response to an ever-changing, diverse world. In this new edition of William Slomanson's foundational text, the new authors, Professors Slagter and Van Doorn, trace how states manage their sovereignty in myriad ways, working through treaties, international organizations, and international courts to secure their own as well as global interests. With special emphasis on five key areas-human rights, the use of force, human security and humanitarian intervention, environmental protection, and economic relations-the authors illustrate both the power and limits of international law to provide structure and predictability on a globalized planet. Real-world problem sets, annotated bibliographies, and a practical guide to studying international law make this a text that students and instructors alike will appreciate.

  • Begins each chapter with a relevant vignette from current events that illustrates international law at work, demonstrating how it applies to a variety of situations and offering a springboard for discussion
  • Includes problem sets for each chapter that give students the opportunity to apply cases and concepts they have learned and provides instructors with problems they can use as mini-assignments, conversation starters, or as a foundation for exams
  • Utilizes edited cases from a wide variety of international and national courts that offer the highlights of each case and give a sense of the court's reasoning, but will not overwhelm students, while also providing the full text of cases online for further reading
  • 'How to Study International Law Using This Book' starts the book with basic techniques for reading international law materials, including a master table of theories that give students a strong grounding in concepts before they get started

‘The authors have produced a superb book on the fundamental topics, issue areas, and perspectives on international law, appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate students. The book is unmatched in its readability, organization, depth, and breadth and provides online support. The 7th edition builds and improves upon the long-enduring Bill Slomanson’s book.’ Ali Abootalebi, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

‘Having taught international law for the past two decades, I have been on a long quest for a book that would present an engaging introduction to the subject matter for a diverse range of students, while striking the right balance between rigor and accessibility. Now, that quest has concluded with the 7th edition of Fundamental Perspectives on International Law.’ Jack R. Mangala, Grand Valley State University

‘Slagter and Van Doorn have done an exceptional job updating Slomanson’s Fundamental Perspectives on International Law for anyone interested in what international law can tell us about many contemporary global issues. The book draws on timely examples to provide an accessible overview of the promise and the limits of international law from traditional sources and emerging perspectives.’ Adam Van Liere, University of Wisconsin La Crosse