International Humanitarian Law

Sarkin, J.J., The Conflict in Syria and the Failure of International Law to Protect People Globally Mass Atrocities, Enforced Disappearances, and Arbitrary Detentions, 2022
This book explores, through the lens of the conflict in Syria, why international law and the United Nations have failed to halt conflict and massive human rights violations in many places around the world which has allowed tens of millions of people to be killed.
Heffes, E., Kotlik, M.D. and Ventura, M.J. (eds.), International Humanitarian Law and Non-State Actors: Debates, Law and Practice, The Hague, Asser Press, 2020.
This book challenges the traditional approach to international law by concentrating on international humanitarian law and placing the focus beyond States: it reflects on current legal, policy and practical issues that concern non-State actors in and around situations of armed conflict.