Hinnebusch, R., The War for Syria: Regional and International Dimensions of the Syrian Uprising, 2020

Examining the international dimensions of the Syrian conflict, this book studies external factors relating to the Uprising. It explores the involvement of outside powers and the events’ impact both on regional and international level.

Syria was widely perceived to be essential to the regional power balance, hence it was a valued prize to be fought over. The book examines the impact of global and regional powers in propelling the conflict in Syria; looks at the motives and strategies of the key regional and international actors (Hizbollah, Palestinians, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, US, Russia, EU); and analyses the impact of the Syrian conflict on key relations between regional states (Turkey-Syria, Turkey-Iran, Iraq-Syria). Finally, several chapters treat the impact on Syria of international sanctions and the "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine. This book follows on to The Syrian Uprising: Domestic Origins and Early Trajectory, edited by Raymond Hinnebusch and Omar Imady (2018). Subsequent volumes will examine the later evolution of the conflict.

Taking an innovative and interdisciplinary approach that seeks to capture the full complexity of the phenomenon, this book contributes significantly to our understanding of the Syrian conflict and will therefore be a valuable resource for anyone studying Middle Eastern Politics.


"This volume is a very important and unique contribution to the current debate on the causes and consequences of the Syrian uprisings and the subsequent conflict, which provides new and original perspectives to our understanding. The editors, who themselves are among the globally leading scholars on Syrian and Middle East politics, have set a very competent team of experts on the various relevant external actors and have put together an edited volume with a clear focus and structure that covers all the relevant external dimensions of the Syrian conflict.” - Morten Valbjørn,  Aarhus University, Denmark