Jus Mundi

Jus Mundi is a new database established in 2017 in Paris, France. It’s a comprehensive, multilingual, user-friendly database that aims to make international law accessible to the international legal community. It uses artificial and collaborative intelligence to collect and structure global legal data. Jus Mundi offers a comprehensive collection of public international law as well as investment arbitration documents.

Jus Mundi covers over 16,000 international law and investor-state arbitration documents, including treaties, ICJ, PCIJ, PCA, ITLOS, ICSID and other arbitration institutions, UNCITRAL, IUSCT documents (judgments, arbitral awards, orders, pleadings), and decisions of Mixed Claims Commissions. 

Important documents are interactive. Document text has been extracted from the original PDF version, manually corrected, structured by paragraph or page with an interactive table of content, and then enriched with keywords. Further, when a legal query is entered in English or French, the search engine finds relevant results in all languages available in the database.  

Aside from French and English, this database also offers several advanced linguistic features and more than a dozen filters to refine and narrow down search criteria. Its user-friendly interface is ideally suited for use by law students and researchers, legal practitioners, judges and others interested in carrying out legal research. Jus Mundi strives to make international law and arbitration more transparent and accessible. Start your research here.