Misiedjan, D., Towards a Sustainable Human Right to Water: Supporting Vulnerable People and Protecting Water Resources, 2019

Towards a Sustainable Human Right to Water is a timely examination of a critical and time-sensitive subject in the field of human rights law. Aside from being a basic necessity for human survival, the United Nations identifies water as being a keystone of sustainable development and at the very heart of healthy ecosystems and socio-economic development. Thus, the book poses the critical question how the concept of sustainable development can contribute to the sustainable realization of the human right to water for vulnerable people. It takes a three-step approach in providing an answer to this fundamental question of our time. Firstly, the case is made for a broadening of the scope of vulnerability to include environmental factors. Secondly, principles of sustainable development can be used to shape and further develop the human right to water. Finally, an assessment framework is developed to analyze how states can implement the human right to water in a sustainable way. Bringing together the different disciplines of law, economics, and public administration, it provides for basic water system knowledge.