War, Peace, and Security

Grant, T.D., Aggression against Ukraine: Territory, Responsibility and International Law, 2015.
Aggression against Ukraine marks a stunning shift. Ever since 1945 it had been understood that the borders of States must not be the object of forcible change by other States. However, Russia has now revived long-buried historical claims—and prosecutes them by dint of arms.
Lyubashenko, I., Ukraine's Search for Justice in the Shadow of the Donbas Conflict: Strategic Reforms or Crisis Management?, 2020
Should we punish wrongdoers? Should we take care of the ones who suffered from wrongdoings? Although we may believe answers to these questions are obvious, they become less so when similar questions are asked under exceptional circumstances, such as armed conflicts.
Sarkin, J.J., The Conflict in Syria and the Failure of International Law to Protect People Globally Mass Atrocities, Enforced Disappearances, and Arbitrary Detentions, 2022
This book explores, through the lens of the conflict in Syria, why international law and the United Nations have failed to halt conflict and massive human rights violations in many places around the world which has allowed tens of millions of people to be killed.