Svendsen, K., Liability for Compensation for Offshore Oil Pollution Damage in the Arctic: Comparing Norwegian and Russian Law, 2024

This book is an essential contribution to understanding Russian law for English speakers. In a time when the energy markets in Europe are changing away from Russian dependence on oil and gas, Dr Svendsen explains what the legal consequences will be if we would experience cross-border harm as a result of an oil spill from offshore installations on the Norwegian and the Russian side of the sea border in the Barents Sea. This book examines Russian and Norwegian rules governing liability, choice-of-law, recognition and enforcement, damage, third-party losses, environmental harm, and valuation of environmental harm.

Kristoffer Svendsen, Ph.D. (2015), The Arctic University of Norway, is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Stavanger and Kristiania University College, an Assistant Director at Tulane Center for Energy Law, and an Associate Member of Aberdeen University Centre for Energy Law. He has edited books and published articles on liability and compensation for oil pollution, seabed activities, and contractual risk allocation.