Elgaronline is the online database for Edward Elgar Publishing which is the leading English language independent scholarly publisher in social science and law. Elgaronline provides access to 2600+ eBooks, journals, encyclopaedia’s, research handbooks, reference works and much more.

The Peace Palace Library is currently subscribed to the following content:

Elgar law 2018

Elgar law 2019

Elgar law 2020

Elgar law 2021

Elgar law 2022

Encyclopedia of Environmental Law

Subject Specific Collections: Climate Change

Elgar Encyclopedia of Human Rights

Subject Specific Collections: Human Rights

At the moment there are descriptions of Elgar law 2020 e-books in the Peace Palace Library Catalogue, all provided with a separate genuine (DOI) link, keywords and systematic classification. Example: The Elgar companion to the International Criminal Court 2020. You will be able to access the Elgaronline database through the Elgar law 2020 e-books in our Catalogue.